If you feel that you are ready to start a church, then let's talk. We have been actively planting churches since 1969, and we can help you assess your situation and the readiness of you and your team.


CB Matrix exists to train, support and coach prospective church planters.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer coaching to everyone who makes contact with us.  Our primary focus is supporting and mentoring those people who have satisfactorily completed our training program, and assessment boot camp.   


The following are some of the areas that need to be assessed as God prepares a new body of believers to be birthed.


1. The call of God, specifically for starting a church, is often overlooked, but needs to be there.


2. Equipping is a very broad term which usually begins with training. A person starting a church must know how to "rightly divide the Word of truth". You must also know the difference between "doing" church and "being" the Body of Christ. There are many Bible Colleges and Seminaries; but as you decide where you will get your training, make sure that they offer training relating to practical ministry, specifically church planting.



3. Building a team to help you start the church is not essential... but highly recommended. We can show you some best steps in doing this.


4. Funding a church start-up can appear to be less than spiritual, but if overlooked, or considered unimportant, it will most likely cause the start-up to fail. There are many ways to fund a church plant, and a lot of help and advice given on "how to".  None of these are easy.  A person will go through this "funding challenge", and many other difficult, and faith testing things during the process of starting a church. These are some of the reasons you need to know you have God's call on your life for starting a church.


5. Each church start-up style is different and has "best practices" that have been learned over many years, with many people. We can help you assess an approach to your start-up in the part of the world God has called you.

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